Are Home Buyers Waiting for Warmer Weather?

Today, there are over 1600 homes for sale in Branson and surrounding areas, and there are an additional 650 condos currently listed. Still not a lot of buyer traffic as of yet. A preview of sales info shows that home sales levels appear to be holding steady, and median home prices are steady as well… That’s been the case over the last 8 months of market data.

So, buyer traffic is still low, interest rates are low, many buyers will qualify for incentives up to $9,250 or so, home prices have fallen to 2005-2006 levels, but values now appear to be stabilizing. Seems like the perfect time to make a move, yet many Branson home buyers are still on the fence. Why? Well, I, for one am not sure. I know that there are some buyers that have a home to sell, that’s a perfectly good reason to wait, but others are just waiting to see how things play out. This is a typical mindset, but the ones who wait for the market to get better often end up buying when the market IS getting better, and end up paying higher prices than they would’ve if they would have bought BEFORE the market starts getting better. An unfortunate coincidence.

In fact, my example of people waiting for the market to get “better” really means they’re waiting for things to shift in favor of the seller. The truth is that the market could not be better for buyers at this exact moment…. It’s been this way for months.

Well, regardless of when our clients decide to jump into the market, we’ll be there to help. In any kind of market, there are still good buys to be found and we fight for every dollar on behalf of our clients. That’s the benefit of having a buyer’s agent working for you!

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