Branson Real Estate Forecast

Looking at trends for coming months in the Branson real estate market, the signs appear to be positive, even in a tough time for consumers (did someone say gas prices?). Personally, I have seen a lot of buyers coming out of the wood work that have been on the fence “thinking about it” for some time. I put the numbers to my theory…

Sure enough, based on the first half of the month, it looks like May will be another good month of pending sales for the local market… A great deal better than last year. Not enough to call this a “recovery”, but at least the market is a bit healthier, with prices holding better.

I don’t foresee any big recovery this year, but I do think that as long as this trend continues, we’ll see a more stable home market. Hopefully, with around 40 new foreclosures each month, there will be room for some individual sellers to get their homes sold, assuming that there are about 125/month on average.

Call, e-mail, or comment on this post if you have questions about the market. If you’re thinking about buying a home, think about what type of agent you want to represent you.

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