Branson Real Estate Market Healthier Than One Year Ago

Our local real estate market seems to be bucking the trend that’s being described in national news reports. I’ve heard several times over the last couple of weeks that housing prices are falling and markets are struggling to recover. No doubt about it, it will take time for our real estate market to heal, and no one should expect prices and sales levels that we saw back in 2006/2007 to return any time soon.

What I’m saying is that we are seeing a slowly growing positive trend in home sales. We’ve seen 576 homes sell this year so far, compared to 542 for the same time period last year, an increase of about 6.3%. At the same time, we’ve seen the total dollar amount of residential real estate sales increase by 8%, so more homes are selling at slightly better prices. All good signs.

Pending home sales are trending upward as well, so that’s another positive indicator that our local market is on the path to recovery.

There’s still no big rush for a buyer to get a good deal… There are plenty of good deals to be had, and it’s still a buyer’s market, and likely will be for a long time to come, but this should help ease the uncertainty that many buyers have been experiencing. Barring any major unforeseen economic problems, we should continue to see this steady positive growth. Slow but sure.

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