Branson Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2011


The Branson real estate market has been doing well to hold it’s own over the last year or two. We haven’t seen any major declines in local real estate values, which is a big relief. We also haven’t seen any major improvements. The start of 2011 didn’t seem too spectacular. January showed an increase of home sales, but February was a bit slower than last year (I’m sure partially in part to the ugly weather we had in February that kept many home buyers inside. March showed some good improvement, however, and the pending homes sales during March took a good jump… That’s a good indicator for future improvement.

Looking at the number of Branson homes for sale that went under contract in April, I’m not seeing any improvement over last year yet. It may be that the numbers will continue to be “just ok” for a while. I don’t expect our real estate market to “come back” for another year, or two, or three!

The good news is that things are more stable now than they have been in the last couple of years. From month to month, things will bounce back and forth, but overall, we’re not seeing major declines. Leading indicators in the economy also seem to point in a positive direction, so hopefully we won’t see any additional declines.

This is all great news for buyers, as good deals continue to pop up, both bank- and individually-owned.


  1. Mark McNeil says:

    Very nicely done.

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