Branson Real Estate Negotiator

Seems that negotiation for buyers in real estate is a lost art. The problem has been that most real estate agents have a “salesperson” mindset – they list properties and their job is to get the highest possible price. They negotiate, but they often negotiate against the buyer. This skill set in a buyer’s representative is critical in order to get the best possible price on your behalf.

I had lunch with another Branson real estate agent the other day that is primarily a listing agent. He told me funny stories about agents that represented buyers that gave up their negotiating position from the first time they talked. They would say things like “I know this offer is low, but this is where we want to start.” That immediately tells the other party that you are willing to pay more!

Certified Negotiation Expert

Although I always felt I had good “gut instincts” as a negotiator, I was excited to take a course earlier this year to become a Certified Negotiation Expert. This 2-day intensive course added an invaluable skill set to my tool box as a buyer’s agent.

In the near future, I hope to add some posts and videos to the site giving you some great tips to set yourself up for negotiation success!

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