Good Buys – The Branson Real Estate Guy’s Top Picks

Buyers are always looking for a great value. I certainly understand. When I’m buying, I feel the same way! The market has certainly gone through a lot of change over the last few years. As you may know, when the market suffered a downturn in 2008, steals and deals were everywhere. Market values have stabilized […]

Branson Homes for Sale in Whitetail Crossing, Walnut Shade

Map of Branson Homes for Sale in Whitetail Crossing, Walnut Shade, MO Ok, so Whitetail Crossing isn’t exactly Branson, but I’ve been a Branson resident for 15 years, and Whitetail is the neighborhood that I call home, so I think we can make an exception here. I can tell you with certainty that it’s a […]

Why I Love the Ozarks

I don’t want to be super cheesy here, but sometimes I’ve gotta gush over the place I call home. I grew up in the plains of northwest Oklahoma, where the wind truly does come sweeping down the plains. All the time. Night and day. There’s little relief down in a valley or among the trees […]

Crooked Tree – Great Table Rock Lake Neighborhoods

When cruising on Table Rock Lake between the dam and the Hwy 13 bridge, you might stop off in a cove for a swim and notice a really awesome looking neighborhood up on the hill… The neighborhood is called Crooked Tree. This high-end Table Rock Lake-view neighborhood is in Blue Eye, MO (which is off […]

Branson Area Rental Property

Here’s a list of companies in the Branson area that deal with rental properties. If you’re looking to rent a condo or house, they’re the experts!

Condo Fees – Love Them or Hate Them?

It’s a catch-22 for a lot of condo buyers… They love the idea of having a home or second home that doesn’t require any maintenance, has great amenities, and is well kept. The problem is, most folks aren’t too fond of paying monthly dues. I can’t say I blame you, but to me, it’s a […]

What Is a Short Sale?

Everyone seems to be talking about short sales, but many buyers don’t know exactly what a short sale is. Currently, there are 49 homes and 11 condos being offered as short sales in the Branson/Tri-Lakes area. To me, “short sale” is an oxymoron… They should be called a “long-drawn-out-miserable sale”. The most common misconception is […]

Branson Real Estate Market Healthier Than One Year Ago

Our local real estate market seems to be bucking the trend that’s being described in national news reports. I’ve heard several times over the last couple of weeks that housing prices are falling and markets are struggling to recover. No doubt about it, it will take time for our real estate market to heal, and […]

The Table Rock Trade-Off

I sent an e-mail to a client tonight (Mark, if you’re reading… This one’s for you…) about something I call the “Table Rock Trade-Off”. When you’re looking at Table Rock Lake homes, there’s a list of features that everyone is looking for. Walk to the water Boat slip in the back yard HUGE, gorgeous lake […]

Great Deals On the Market in Branson

Tis the season for deals! With many more homes for sale than buyers in this market, there are ample opportunities for buyers to find a great deal. This week, I came across a few that are too good not to share. It’s fun to be able to identify the good deals regardless of who the […]

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