Branson Real Estate Market Healthier Than One Year Ago

Our local real estate market seems to be bucking the trend that’s being described in national news reports. I’ve heard several times over the last couple of weeks that housing prices are falling and markets are struggling to recover. No doubt about it, it will take time for our real estate market to heal, and […]

Branson Real Estate Forecast

Looking at trends for coming months in the Branson real estate market, the signs appear to be positive, even in a tough time for consumers (did someone say gas prices?). Personally, I have seen a lot of buyers coming out of the wood work that have been on the fence “thinking about it” for some […]

Lots of $400,000+ Homes, But Are There Buyers?

Got a call from a new client today. We’ll be looking for a Branson home in the $400,000+ range. I shared that I believe it’s a strong buyer’s market and I feel that we will be able to land them a very good deal. I went to do the research to back up my opinion, […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2011

  The Branson real estate market has been doing well to hold it’s own over the last year or two. We haven’t seen any major declines in local real estate values, which is a big relief. We also haven’t seen any major improvements. The start of 2011 didn’t seem too spectacular. January showed an increase […]

Median Price Per Square Foot of Table Rock Lake Homes

Recently, while reviewing home prices for real estate in the Branson area, I saw that the median price per square foot for all types of real estate in the region so far this year was just over $67.00. I know, however that price per square foot can vary greatly from home to home… For instance, […]

Inventory of Branson Homes for Sale Trending Downward

In the first quarter of last year, inventories of Branson homes and condos were high and trending upward. The snapshot of 2011 looks much more positive as more buyers enter the market. At the end of March this year, there were a total of 2103 listings (including single family residences and condos). Compare that to […]

Price Per Square Foot for Branson Real Estate

The median price per square foot of Branson real estate has fallen over the last few years.

Is Branson Real Estate Recovering?

Is the Branson estate market making a comeback? There are small victories to celebrate, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

Branson Real Estate Market Update – Fall 2010

The Branson real estate market has been holding steady for much of 2010, although the incentives like the first time home buyer tax credit during the early part of the year caused the market to soften a bit during the latter months. Sales levels held steady until the numbers for November came in… Sales in […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – Summer 2010

Real estate sales levels continued above the previous year’s levels… Until July, where we experienced a little hiccup. I call it a hiccup because pending sales through July seem to indicate that we’ll be on track to outdo sales levels from August of 2009. That remains to be seen. While the number of homes sold […]

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