Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline

If you’re not under contract to purchase a home already, don’t get too excited… There isn’t a new opportunity to qualify for the tax credit, BUT if your home purchase contract was official before the April 30 deadline and you haven’t been able to close the deal yet, congress just bought you a little more […]

New Program Offers Missouri Home Buyers Cash Incentive

The MHDC is now offering home buyers added incentive… Buyers can receive up to $1,750 from the program.

HUD Foreclosures Offer Attractive Deal

HUD is offering attractive financing deals for buyers of their foreclosed properties. Just make sure you know all the details before diving in. Read on…

Mortgage Rates Likely to Rise?

The Federal Government has been in the business of buying mortgage-backed securities for a while now as part of the economic stimulus plan. I won’t stray too far from the English language to explain all the details… The point is that as the Fed purchased these securities, it enabled banks to continue lending at very […]

MHDC Helps First Time Home Buyers

There’s more for first-time home buyers to shout about than just the $8,000 tax credit. The Missouri Housing Development Commission is a little known organization by most, but the right agent and/or lender can lead you to them to take advantage of some great programs. Missouri Home Programs has a brief overview of the MHDC’s […]

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