Getting a Great Deal on Branson Real Estate

Even in a buyer’s market, you can overpay for real estate unless you have an expert at your side. Learn the ins and outs of getting a great deal on Branson real estate.

BransonHouseHunter Launches Branson Neighborhood Guide

In a continuing effort to make BransonHouseHunter a great resource for home buyers, we have begun building the “Branson Neighborhood Guide”. Each neighborhood will have it’s own page, featuring map and photo slide show of all available listings in that neighborhood. Neighborhood information is also included – things like average home prices in that area […]

Will the Real Estate Recovery End With the Expiration of the Tax Credit?

The first time home buyer tax credit is nearing expiration. Homes must be placed under contract by the last day of April in order to qualify for the popular home buying incentive. Although congress renewed the program when it was first set to expire last fall, it seems unlikely that another renewal is on the […]

A Happy Home Buyer Story

Meet Branson’s newest first-time home buyers!

Hollister Home Opportunity – Good Neighbor Next Door Program

HUD is offering this home to teachers, fire fighters, EMTs, and police officers at a discount of 50%, but only through Wednesday.

Are Home Buyers Waiting for Warmer Weather?

Conditions remain favorable for Branson home buyers, so what’s keeping them from buying? Maybe springtime will bring a resurgence to the Branson real estate market. [Read On…]

Branson Foreclosures – Always a Bargain?

There are many great deals to be had with Branson Foreclosures, but be sure that the property you’re into is a good value. Learn about some of the pitfalls of buying a foreclosure. [Read On…]

Don’t Call The Number on the Sign!

Buyer beware! When you call the listing agent’s number on a for sale sign, you’re calling the opposing team. Make sure you have an agent on your side. [Read On…]

HUD Foreclosures Offer Attractive Deal

HUD is offering attractive financing deals for buyers of their foreclosed properties. Just make sure you know all the details before diving in. Read on…

Branson homes for sale

Soon, when you visit, you’ll have the most advanced search tools available today to find any kind of real estate for sale in the Branson, MO area. is powered by Cole Currier, an experienced buyer’s agent with Foggy River Realty. Our search tools will be available soon… In the meantime, you can reach […]

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