Condo Fees – Love Them or Hate Them?

It’s a catch-22 for a lot of condo buyers… They love the idea of having a home or second home that doesn’t require any maintenance, has great amenities, and is well kept. The problem is, most folks aren’t too fond of paying monthly dues. I can’t say I blame you, but to me, it’s a […]

Branson Foreclosures – Always a Bargain?

There are many great deals to be had with Branson Foreclosures, but be sure that the property you’re into is a good value. Learn about some of the pitfalls of buying a foreclosure. [Read On…]

Don’t Call The Number on the Sign!

Buyer beware! When you call the listing agent’s number on a for sale sign, you’re calling the opposing team. Make sure you have an agent on your side. [Read On…]

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