Branson Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2011

  The Branson real estate market has been doing well to hold it’s own over the last year or two. We haven’t seen any major declines in local real estate values, which is a big relief. We also haven’t seen any major improvements. The start of 2011 didn’t seem too spectacular. January showed an increase […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – Fall 2010

The Branson real estate market has been holding steady for much of 2010, although the incentives like the first time home buyer tax credit during the early part of the year caused the market to soften a bit during the latter months. Sales levels held steady until the numbers for November came in… Sales in […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – Summer 2010

Real estate sales levels continued above the previous year’s levels… Until July, where we experienced a little hiccup. I call it a hiccup because pending sales through July seem to indicate that we’ll be on track to outdo sales levels from August of 2009. That remains to be seen. While the number of homes sold […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – May 2010

The Branson real estate market is still healthier than it was last year, exceeding total sales volume for the previous year and showing more stable home values in the last few months. It’s still a great time for buyers, though. Foreclosures make up such a large part of our market that traditional sellers are forced […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – April 2010

Things are getting busy in the Branson real estate scene. Buying season is upon us and it looks like this is shaping up to be a better year that the last couple that we’ve seen. Pending contracts on Branson homes for sale spiked in March, and our median sale price appears to be holding steady […]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – March 2010

Conditions are still perfect for buyers… The market is moving slow, but is better off than it was this time last year. Lots of foreclosures are making great deals for buyers in Branson real estate. [Read On…]

Branson Real Estate Market Update – February 2010

Branson real estate market update for February 2010. Buyers looking for Branson homes for sale are in a great position to buy. Home values appear to be settling down, interest rates are low, and there are lots of signs indicating motivated sellers. [Read On…]

Branson Housing Market Update – January 2010

Sales figures through the end of 2009 show that Branson’s real estate market appears to be stabilizing, but it’s still most definitely a buyer’s market. Read the analysis and watch the video for all the details.

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