Don’t Call The Number on the Sign!

It’s so tempting… Driving through a Branson area neighborhood, you see a neat house with a for sale sign in the yard. “Hmmm. I wonder what they’re asking…” you think to yourself. So you pick up the phone and dial the number on the sign. This can be a dangerous and costly move. When you dial that number you see on the sign, or on the ad in the local home magazine, you’re establishing a relationship with the other team. That listing agent works for the seller – it’s their job to get the highest possible price for their client, and while they may help you with paperwork, they’ll never be able to give you the fair representation that having your own buyer’s agent can give.

Most consumers don’t really think about this, but it can end up costing you. In fact, over the last 30 days of home sales in the Branson area, the seller’s agent also assisted the buyer in 25% of the transactions.

So if you want to know the price of a home as you drive by, or when you see an advertisement, just call our office. We are happy to serve as your buyer’s agent, representing your best interests! Of course, you can always see all Branson homes for sale by using our search tool: Search Branson homes for sale. We’re glad to help, and it doesn’t cost you an extra dime.

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