Five Costly Mistakes When Buying Branson Real Estate

I think sometimes buyers take their real estate purchase for granted. They trust the wrong people or believe that all agents and transactions are the same. Everyone seemed to get by ok when the market was good, but now that things have been tough in the real estate market, people that bought a couple of years ago are saying “Gosh, my real estate agent never said anything about that.

When buying Branson real estate (or anywhere else for that matter) be sure to avoid some common pitfalls that can really cost you.


Know Who Your Agent Represents
The listing agent is legally obligated to represent the seller. They are trying to get the highest possible and best terms for the seller. Be sure you know going in whether your agent is working for you or the other guy.

Focusing on the listing price
The listing price should be irrelevant in your negotiation strategy. The listing price is an imaginary number made up by the seller and their agent. Only the current market conditions should factor in to determining the real value of a home.

Going it alone
Sometimes buyers think that they’ll “save money” by purchasing directly through the listing agent or buying a home that is for sale by owner. In fact, without the resources and tools to understand fair market value, you’ll likely pay too much.

Failure to perform due diligence
Failure to carefully perform inspections and review information like loan fees, title commitments, insurance costs and coverages, and contract conditions can cost a buyer hundreds if not thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

Talking too much
Be careful little mouth what you say! As long as you’re talking with YOUR agent, you should feel comfortable sharing sensitive information, but be careful about telling the seller or their agent anything about your financial position or level of interest in the house.

Speak Your Mind


God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business. Proverbs 16:11 (MSG)