Great Deals On the Market in Branson

Tis the season for deals! With many more homes for sale than buyers in this market, there are ample opportunities for buyers to find a great deal. This week, I came across a few that are too good not to share. It’s fun to be able to identify the good deals regardless of who the listing agent is, but traditional agents might not be able to do that, especially if they have a listing that is in competition with one of these! 🙂

Deal #1

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Ok, so first, here’s a foreclosed Branson condo for sale just a couple of blocks off the strip, right in the heart of the action. Four bedrooms, four baths, 1846 square feet. It’s nearest competitor on the market is just a few doors down and they’re asking a whopping $224,000 (although it’s a walk-in unit, so it gets some bonus points for convenience). This one, by comparison is $149,000. It’s in great shape and I think it’s a heck of a deal. You can even rent this property nightly to help offset the cost of owning a vacation home.

Deal #2

Like many great deals out there today, Deal #2 is also a bank-owned property. It is going to take a little elbow grease to bring this one up to par, but it would be worth it. the previous owners were a little rough to this property, and it will need new carpet and certainly a coat of paint, HOWEVER, I’ve been told that the bank is now considering doing many of those repairs before it sells. In my mind, the price is “good” at this point, but with a little negotiation it would be even better. This home has lots of great features that everyone wants – good size, location, and style. If you’re willing to put in the work yourself to make the needed repairs, this would be an even better deal.

Deal #3

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Deal number three is (surprise, surprise) another foreclosure. This one is an investor special! 1500 sq ft duplex with 2 car garage in a great Branson location for only $63,000. I showed it today… It’s in very good shape, but there’s one trick for an investor – you have to wait until June 24 to make an offer. This property is a Fannie Mae foreclosure, and they prefer to sell these homes to owner occupants. Now, if there’s an owner occupant out there, this might be a great opportunity for you as well, particularly before investors are allowed to jump into the fray.
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