Inventory of Branson Homes for Sale Trending Downward

In the first quarter of last year, inventories of Branson homes and condos were high and trending upward. The snapshot of 2011 looks much more positive as more buyers enter the market. At the end of March this year, there were a total of 2103 listings (including single family residences and condos). Compare that to last year’s inventory of 2460 – a decrease of 15%. This is very positive news for everyone in the housing market.

The movement we’re seeing isn’t drastic when you compare month-to-month statistics for this year. In fact, the total inventory rose slightly from February 2011 to March 2011. I believe much of this can be contributed to the surge of new listings in anticipation of “buying season”. Even still, the month-over-month increase was still less than 3%.

Branson Homes For Sale
January 2010 1647 January 2011 1498
February 2010 1707 February 2011 1477
March 2010 1753 March 2011 1540


Branson Condos For Sale
January 2010 660 January 2011 581
February 2010 671 February 2011 572
March 2010 707 March 2011 563


Total Branson Real Estate Listings
January 2010 2334 January 2011 2079
February 2010 2378 February 2011 2049
March 2010 2460 March 2011 2103

The total number of home sales hasn’t gone up, but at least the market isn’t as saturated as before. Leading indicators are also showing signs of improvement, with a 10% increase of pending listings for March 2011 compared to the same month last year.

There is still ample opportunity for buyers who have been looking for the “bottom of the market”. While inventories are down a bit compared to last year, the bigger picture shows us that we still have very high inventories compared to the figures from 2006-2007.

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