Is Branson Real Estate Recovering?

People often ask me how the Branson real estate market is doing these days. Many times, I’ve heard people say, “a friend of mine who’s an agent says things have bounced back!”. I say, no so fast, buckeroo. There were a FEW more purchases in 2010 than 2009. To be exact, there were 29 more residential purchases. Woo hoo! That’s almost a 3% increase! Well, at least we can enjoy the small victories. Part of the increase in 2010 sales is likely due to the first time home buyer tax credit that expired back in the spring. However, even after the credit expired, sales continued to hold fairly steady for the remainder of the year.

Median Sale Price of Branson Real Estate:

The average sale price for homes in Branson rose by 1.8% from 2009-2010. That’s a tiny little gain, but it tells me that things are holding steady at least. That provides some security for those looking to buy and have been waiting for things to “hit bottom”.

Honestly, I can’t blame agents for touting these small increases as a big deal… We all want to see housing make a comeback, but we also need to be realistic. I believe my clients deserve to know the truth about where the market is right now so that they can make wise purchasing decisions.

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