Lots of $400,000+ Homes, But Are There Buyers?

Got a call from a new client today. We’ll be looking for a Branson home in the $400,000+ range. I shared that I believe it’s a strong buyer’s market and I feel that we will be able to land them a very good deal. I went to do the research to back up my opinion, and even I was surprised at the results. Today, there are 93 homes for sale listed at more than $400k. In the last 365 days, only 13 homes have sold in that price range. Note: this specifically excludes any lake front or lake view homes. As mentioned in a previous post about Table Rock Lake Homes, values there have held better, and there has been more activity. By comparison, homes that aren’t on the water in this price range just aren’t selling very fast.

The statistics show that you can get a great buy on luxury Branson homes. Here’s a sampling of what’s on the market today:

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