Median Price Per Square Foot of Table Rock Lake Homes

Recently, while reviewing home prices for real estate in the Branson area, I saw that the median price per square foot for all types of real estate in the region so far this year was just over $67.00. I know, however that price per square foot can vary greatly from home to home… For instance, you probably wouldn’t pay the same for a new construction brick home with granite counter tops as you would for a moldy fixer-upper, right? I was curious to see how lake homes stack up.

I knew that there would be a difference, but I was sure surprised to see such a huge variance! The median price for Table Rock lake front or lake view homes was $103, compared to $67.11 of all real estate types in the area.

Table Rock Lake Homes Price Per Square Foot

Price Per Square Foot - (1st Quarter 2011)

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that lake homes haven’t suffered a decline in value over the last few years… The median price for the same time period in 2008 was $121.40! However, this does go to show that one price does not fit all.

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