Pending Home Contracts Spike in March

I’ve seen more and more Branson homes for sale go under contract each day that I review Branson MLS activity. So far today (as of 12:30p.m.) 10 homes have gone under contract. I started doing some comparisons, and realized that for the last several weeks, pending sales have climbed… 20 homes 4 weeks ago, 39 homes 3 weeks ago, 32 homes last week, and in the last 7 days, 40 homes have gone under contract. As a leading indicator of what’s to come in the housing market, pending sales seem to indicate that things are picking up quickly. For the same time period last year, the highest number of homes that went under contract in a week was 23… We’ve nearly doubled that activity.

It’s far too early to say that the crisis is over, but buyer confidence in our market is most definitely on the rise.

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