Price Per Square Foot for Branson Real Estate

My, how the price per square foot has changed for Branson real estate over the last couple of years. Median sale prices have slid 30% from their highest levels in 2008. Part of the change in median prices is the fact that very few “big ticket” home purchases are taking place today compared to a few years ago. I think it’s important to look at price per finished square foot to get a more accurate view of what’s happening.

Branson Price Per Square Foot:

The peak of the price per square foot figures came in 2007, with a median of $93.00. For 2010, the median comes in just over $73.00 per square foot – that’s a decline of just over 20% over a period of 3 years. From 2009 to 2010, there was a slide of less than 7%.

Chart showing Branson Price Per Square Foot

Branson Price Per Square Foot from 2006-2010

There is more than just numbers that go into all of this, however. Some risky investments made (mostly by out-of-state buyers) pushed up the price per square foot to unrealistic levels. Also, new construction prices got out of hand. $160 per finished square foot is just one recent example I came across.

Also playing into this, of course, is the number of the foreclosures that are selling today that are in rough shape. Because many buyers are looking for a deal these days, they’re willing to buy homes that need some fixing up. By nature, these homes are going to sell for less per square foot than your average lived-in, well-maintained home.

There is no one price per square foot that you can apply to all real estate. Each class of home will have its own factors to consider. It’s important to consult an experienced real estate professional that can show you some real numbers and comparable sales to back up their price opinions.

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