Shortage of Homes For Sale in Branson

Wait, WHAT? A shortage of homes in Branson? I must be crazy, right? Well, there’s an incredibly high inventory overall, but there is a missing niche of good, clean, move-in ready starter homes in the $90,000-$125,000 range – particularly in the Branson School District. This means there is an opportunity for investors to get involved.

There are a number of homes that fit the bill that are on the market in the $60-80K range – mostly foreclosures. These homes are Branson School District, 3 br, 2 ba, 2 car garage, etc. However, the average buyer isn’t interested because they need too much work for kids that have just enough for a down payment. I have buyers right now with up to $120,000 to spend, and it’s hard to find a decent place.

This niche price range of the market has never really suffered, even through all the turmoil we have faced. I just went through and identified 6 homes that are in very good condition that sold within a couple of months in the $100-$120,000 range. There aren’t really any others like it on the market today.

If investors would buy these homes for $60-70,000 and do $10-20,000 worth of renovations, they could sell them for a healthy profit and still offer a very good value for the buyer – all while helping improve real estate values by upgrading these distressed properties.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear… We’re not talking about lipstick-on-a-pig type projects. I’ve seen all kinds of attempts at cover-ups, cheap repairs, and questionable workmanship. A good agent and a smart buyer can see these from a mile away. It will take quality renovations in order to make a good profit.

In Branson, I have found about 5 homes for sale that would be a perfect fit for this type of project. If you’ve considered remodeling a home for profit, there is an excellent opportunity to do it now.

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