I am so grateful for the many buyers I have been privileged to work for over the years. Some of them have been kind enough to share their testimonials below. I hope I’ll be able to add your recommendation to the list someday!


Cole was amazing during the home buying process for my husband and me.  He is full of energy and gave his honest opinion on each of the properties we previewed. He doesn't try to convince you to buy every house you see. He wants to help find the perfect house for you. He would often point out both positive and negative things about houses that we hadn't noticed or considered.  Cole provides a personal service and develops a relationship with his clients that can be lifelong. If fact, we still get Christmas cards from him each year!!!  I truly feel that Cole was a perfect fit for my husband and I. We would recommend him for anyone who needs an agent!

—Jennifer L.

We had been looking for a home in the Branson area for quite some time. We came across a home we were interested in seeing when we contacted Cole Currier for the first time. He was very helpful when showing us the home. Unfortunately, the home did not fit our needs. At that time we discussed exactly what we were hoping to find. Today, we have the most beautiful home we could ever imagine! Cole knew exactly that the home was a perfect fit for us. During our buying process Cole kept in very close contact. He worked with our bank for us considering we were 4 hours  away.  He handled everything in the most professional manner we could of asked for. Cole would be our buyers agent of choice if we were to need help again. We would recommend him to all of our family and friends. Good job Cole, keep up the great work!!!

—Mark & Lisa B.

As retirement neared, we began to think about buying a home in the Branson, MO area. We had friends who had moved to Branson, MO, so we asked them who they used as a real estate agent. Cole Currier's name came up. They used Cole when they purchased their home and were very satisfied. We contacted Cole and told him what we were looking for. We established an account on the website. Cole began sending us information on potential homes. Well retirement came quick. On the day I retired, our house in Iowa sold. We began to aggressively look for a new home in the Branson area. We would look every day at the  website. My wife found a home in the Kimberling City area that we decided it needed a closer look. We contacted Cole and were advised we needed to look soon as homes like it didn't last long. Two days later we made the 7 hour trip to Branson. Cole had found a few other houses to look at as well. We quickly found out that Cole is a man of integrity. As we looked at one home, we no more than walked into the front door and Cole was quick to tell us that the house had mold. All I could smell, was that the house was lived in by a smoker. Cole could smell the mold. As we looked into the crawl space, sure enough there was mold. We immediately knew that Cole was a man of integrity and was someone we could trust. We then looked at the house we found on-line. We immediately fell in love with it, but Cole's phone rang and we were told that the house just sold. We were so bummed.  Then Cole said, you know, I think the house next door is possibly going into foreclosure. It had the same floor plan as the one we were in. We needed to return to Iowa so we told Cole to research the house and find out what he could. Cole contacted us a couple of days later, and sure enough the house we indeed going on the market. We told Cole to look at it and let us know what he thought. Cole went through the house and reported back to us. Based on his impression, we made an offer to buy sight unseen. Cole wrote the offer and included some verbiage to protect us in the event we didn't like it. Cole did the negotiations with the seller on our behalf. We did all the paperwork through e-mail. Sure enough, the seller accepted our offer. We feel we got a great deal on the property. Cole did an outstanding job through the whole process. Now we have a beautiful home just a couple of blocks away from the lake. Retirement couldn't be any better. We couldn't have been more satisfied. Cole Currier is a man you can trust to do a great job for you.

—Chuck D.

We contacted Cole after finding his website and subscribing to the e-mail updates. It was the best decision we could have made. 

Cole always had time for us, even with our crazy schedules. We toured many homes, and Cole didn't hesitate to point out the negatives. The home we finally purchased was one that Cole suggested. His patience with us was endless. And, when we began to feel uneasy about our pre-qualification, he pointed us in the right direction. 

Through the entire process, Cole was patient, knowledgeable, polite and professional. He was also easy to deal with, very relaxed and lots of fun. He's a great guy and he knows his stuff. We highly recommend Cole.

—Sally K.

Our family recently moved from San Francisco to Branson... What a pleasant experience it was from start to finish. We chose to work with Cole Currier in the first place because of the easy to use website that made our search of hundreds of properties manageable. It was the most efficient way to do our search and gave more info that the usual Multiple Listing Service (MLS). And the ability to manage our online profile where we could run searches and save notes was extremely helpful. We decided that if the agent had the sense to put that much effort into their website, he probably knew what he was doing. And he did! Cole was familiar with the Branson market and recommended properties based on our familyʼs needs. We loved that Cole knew the nuances of each property and had done his homework on each. We found Cole to be so professional and we could tell that he truly wanted our family to find the house that would be the right home for our family even if it meant taking us house hunting several times (which it did!). Cole even recommended homes that were on the low end of our price range, which would have resulted in a lower commission for him, because he felt they were a better fit for us! Cole is a tremendous communicator, every time we called or emailed him he was available or called or emailed me back immediately. Ultimately, we didnʼt end up purchasing a house that we found through his website, not because we werenʼt able to find plenty of great properties, but because Cole was able to find our dream house by knocking on the door of a house not listed for sale. We canʼt thank Cole enough for the professional and positive house buying experience and recommend Cole to everyone we meet because he is the best Real Estate Agent that we have ever used.

—Katie & Cory R.

Cole Currier was a great agent to work with. We made contact via email and met after several months of his sending us properties for sale. We visited a few and he understood where we wanted to buy and the kind of unit we were looking for. We lucked out with a unit where we wanted to buy that was in foreclosure, but lost the bid by $700. We were all disappointed. He would look at units we were interested in and provide advice if the condo or complex was not up to our standards. We just purchased a unit after a year of looking. So patience paid off. I would highly recommend Cole as an agent.

—Sheri P.

Cole was very honest with us when we purchased our home. I felt that he had our interest first. He was very professional and was very instrumental in helping us negotiate  our deal. I would highly recommend him to any one interested in buying a home.

—Dan D.

Last year I was looking for an alternative to my 401K and decided I could improve my investing with purchasing a condo in Branson, Mo and then placing it in monthly rental.  In searching the internet for help, I came across Cole Currier.  This guy made the whole process as easy as it gets. Cole is very well versed in the real estate market, enthusiastic, motivated, and provides customer service above and beyond any agent that I have come across through the years. I told Cole what I was looking for in October, he found the condo, processed the paperwork, set me up with financing at a local Branson bank, put me in touch with a reputable management company and we closed by late November, did some minor improvements, and had it listed and rented by February.  I only made one trip to Branson during that time frame to look at what he found. Cole saved me time, money, and a lot of heartache by doing the majority of the footwork.   Did I mention this guy is honest, it all went down the way he claimed it would with no hidden costs or unclear wording. As soon as I can get some extra funds together, I'll be calling Cole and asking him to do what he does best.

—Tom H.

From start to finish we never regretted using Cole. He worked hard for us to find a house despite our nit picky requirements. When it came time to buy, we had 5 houses prioritized and started the process of making offers and settled on a very nice house thanks to Cole. We found him to be attentive to his customer, diligent in his work on our behalf, and most importantly, not beholden to real estate agents or their companies. He is truly working for the buyer, period. We recommend him with 5 stars for excellence.

—Darryl C.

I am so thrilled that it worked out well, and Jerry and I think we have you to thank for that. I feel like you were in our corner.

—Deanna D.

Cole is amazing when it comes to finding and buying the right house for you! I was a first-time home buyer and wasn't quite sure what to look for. Cole took time to get to know me and what I was looking for and then guided me through the process of finding my perfect first home. Cole was very adamant that he didn't want me to just get in a house, but he wanted me to get in the right house. I remember walking into some houses and Cole would tell me that its not right and into others that had exactly what I wanted. I found a great house that is exactly what I was looking for and it's all because Cole is committed to working for me. Thanks Cole!

—Bill G.

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