The Table Rock Trade-Off

I sent an e-mail to a client tonight (Mark, if you’re reading… This one’s for you…) about something I call the “Table Rock Trade-Off”. When you’re looking at Table Rock Lake homes, there’s a list of features that everyone is looking for.

  • Walk to the water
  • Boat slip in the back yard
  • HUGE, gorgeous lake views
  • 3,000 square feet, with plenty of room for all the kids/grandkids
  • Newer or recently remodeled with all the bells & whistles

Table Rock Lake View

Great news! I can find it for you! (IF you’re willing to cough up $500,000). The fact is, when looking at Table Rock Lake homes, you have to think about the tradeoff… Prioritize the features that are most important to you and carefully consider them before you make a decision.

I showed a lake house to some clients today and bumped in to the seller’s daughter while we were there. They bought the house just a year or two ago, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that they didn’t evaluate what was most important to them before they bought, so they put the house back on the market already. Although the home was in a lakeside neighborhood, they realized that they needed something closer to the water and boat slip. Being across the street from the water just didn’t meet their expectations… They needed to be closer.

What you want can be found, but you might not be able to get ALL your “wants” covered with a property in your price range. So start by picturing your time at the lake… What do you enjoy the most? If it’s skiing followed by a cookout around the campfire, maybe a wide-open lakeview isn’t so necessary. If you want to spend the majority of your time admiring the gorgeous lakeview from your deck with an occasional boat ride, go with the home on the bluff that is a mile or so from the boat dock.

If you just have to have it ALL… Start saving your pennies!

Want to see some samples?

Table Rock Lake FRONT homes under $250,000


Table Rock Lake FRONT homes over $250,000


Table Rock Lake VIEW homes under $250,000


Table Rock Lake VIEW homes over $250,000

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